The world we envisioned for the future is one that is completely powered by the sun. Our vision is to become the top solar power service provider in the nation that not only leads the renewable energy industry, but also leads the charge in designing a solar-powered tomorrow for the world of today.


Harnessing the renewable energy of the sun is an endless journey. On this path that we have set ourselves upon, we will continuously strive to create more efficient and affordable ways to provide solar power to the world, through a combination of constant innovation, advanced solar technology, expert designs, and exceptional services. As long as the sun still shines, this will be our mission.


  • Fabulous Sunview Sdn Bhd was formed
  • Focused on the residential market
  • Earned RM2 mil in revenue in only 2 months
  • Green Magnitude Sdn Bhd was formed
  • Exponential growth of approximately 5 times in revenue
  • Revenue increased by up to RM9.5 mil
  • JV with Solventia Solar Co Ltd
  • Gained over 600MW of experience worldwide
  • Ventured into solar farming
  • Fabulous Sunview Philippines Inc was formed in the Philippines
  • Revenue increased by 10 times since inception in 2013
  • Trademarked BIPV structure and logo
  • Took over PT IAQ Engineering in Indonesia
  • Awarded Sin Chew Young & Emerging Company Award
  • Awarded SME 100 Awards 2016 Fast Moving Companies
  • Awarded Golden Bull Award Year 2017
  • Awarded Sin Chew Business Service Excellence Award
  • Awarded Golden Globe Tigers Award
  • Awarded Malaysia Independence Award
  • Moved into new headquarters
  • Signed MOU with University of Malaya to provide educational services in collaboration with UMPEDAC
  • Launched new Energy Booster system, which is designed to lower overall power usage by up to 20% for industrial buildings
  • Obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification