Introducing our proprietary BIPV mountable solar panels

Framed solar panels evolved to be used as a roofing material, complete with a gutter system that drains water efficiently. We also give these patented building-integrated photovoltaics exceptional protection against leakage and an advanced locking system that ensures that every panel can be easily installed and securely fastened to the roof.


The concept of NEM is that the energy produced from the solar PV system installed will be consumed first, and any excess to be exported and sold to the distribution licensee (such as TNB /SESB ) at the prevailing Displaced Cost prescribed by the Energy Commission.


Malaysia’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system obliges Distribution Licensees (DLs) to buy from Feed-in Approval Holders (FIAHs) the electricity produced from renewable resources (renewable energy) and sets the FiT rate. The DLs will pay for renewable energy supplied to the electricity grid for a specific duration.