Empty Land, No Funds – Can Solar Leasing Solve Your Dilemma?

The increasing demand for renewable energy across the nation has sparked a need for suitable land parcels to accommodate solar farms. Amidst this trend, landowners often find themselves in a unique position: owning land but lacking the financial resources necessary to develop it. In such circumstances, key solar players like Sunview can assist in a mutually beneficial solution.

For landowners with limited resources but vast land holdings, leasing land for solar development offers a lucrative solution. This arrangement provides long-term passive income without the need for upfront investment in design, implementation, or maintenance of solar infrastructure. It's a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties and contributes to the expansion of sustainable energy infrastructure.


How to know if my land is suitable?

Well, Sunview might have just the answer for you! We're on the lookout for land suitable for large-scale solar projects, so we’ve prepared a few key factors to consider to see if your land qualifies for leasing for solar and earning passive, long-term income:

  • Land Size
    Solar farm projects typically need a minimum of 40 acres to get started, though the exact size depends on the project's scale. While most of the land is used for solar panels, we also need space, known as solar setbacks, for safety reasons. Solar panel setbacks ensure our team of experts can access the panels easily and move around the solar farm safely.
  • Land Characteristics
    For your land to be suitable for solar leasing, it should ideally be clear, relatively flat, and expose to ample sunlight throughout the year. Any obstacles like trees blocking sunlight need to be removed by solar developers. Wetlands and protected natural habitats can pose challenges for solar farm development while rolling hills may hinder capturing optimal sunlight. Areas prone to flooding might require additional resources to mount safe solar array installation or create proper drainage systems.
  • Location
    Your land needs to be close to Pencawang Masuk Utama (Transmission Main Intake) substations. Solar farms convert sunlight into electricity and needs to be easily distributed for consumption. Most solar developers prefer sites within 1km of an electrical grid to minimise costs associated with power transfer. Land with access roads available are also helpful for safe installation and maintenance of solar arrays throughout the lease period.

Uncertain about your land's grid proximity, soil quality, and more? Don't worry! Sunview's expert team is here to help. Contact us today for a comprehensive land study.

Making money from your land

In line with Malaysia's commitment to achieving 70% renewable energy capacity by 2050,the government has announced the fifth competitive bidding round for Large-Scale Solar (LSS) projects starting on April 1, 2024, with a quota of 2GW. This has led to increased demand for land suitable for solar development. Solar developers, like Sunview, can assess and research the suitability of your land for solar projects. If you decide to lease your land to Sunview, rest assured that cover all costs associated with designing, installing, and maintaining the solar farm.

Your role is simple: providevacant land for our solar farm for a predetermined period, typically aroundtwenty years. Lease agreements typically include rental rates that rise, inline with Malaysia's inflation rate and lease conditions.

So, what makes your land more valuable? Let's explore:

  • Market Demand
    If there's a strong demand for renewable energy in your area but not enough land for community solar farms, your land might fetch a higher rental rate.

  • Land Quality
    The closer your land aligns with the ideal requirements for a solar farm, the greater the chance of securing a higher lease rate. Sunview prefers lands that need minimal modifications, such as adding distribution lines, improving access roads, or addressing flooding concerns, to avoid significant expenses in making the land suitable.

Each case is unique, and a thorough evaluation by our technical experts is necessary to determine the earning potential of your land through solar leasing. Drop us a message today to get a full evaluation of your land.


Why lease your land for solar?

Unused land doesn't generate income. Farming it requires significant time and resources, with unpredictable returns due to varying crop yields. Leasing your land for solar eliminates these uncertainties while ensuring a steady cash flow. Here are four benefits to consider:

  1. Stable and Constant Income
    Solar leases typically last up to twenty-five years, providing landowners with a dependable, passive income stream for decades. Landowners can sit back and watch the money roll in.
  2. No Upfront Investment
    Leasing your land for solar means earning money effortlessly. As your renewable energy partner, we handle everything — from landscaping to maintaining access roads — throughout the lease. You can avoid the headaches of designing, installing, and maintaining the solar farm.
  3. Sustainability
    Not only are you earning stable, passive income – you’re also contributing to clean, renewable energy production. Solar farms produce zero emissions and pose no threat to soil or water quality, unlike fossil fuel plants. This helps combat climate change by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


Leasing land for solar with Sunview Group Berhad

Sunview Group is an investment holding company committed to sustainable ecosystems. Through our subsidiaries, we strive to become a leading renewable energy provider, offering various clean energy solutions to meet our clients' needs. From manufacturing solar mounting systems to engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) of solar infrastructure, we cover the entire supply chain. Through our 360° sustainability solutions, Sunview is committed to make sustainable energy accessible to all, supporting customers on their environmentally conscious journey.

Over the past decade, we've guided more than 150 customers in embarking on their green journey with solar energy. Here are some of the Large-Scale Solar (LSS) projects we've successfully undertaken:

If you're interested in earning passive income while promoting clean, renewable energy in your community, leasing land for solar could be the right choice for you. Talk to us today to apply for land leasing!

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