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How we are contributing to the government’s sustainability goals and how your business can benefit from it

Malaysia’s Renewable Energy Landscape is Transforming

Malaysia's renewable energy (RE) landscape is undergoing significant shifts driven by governmental policy changes. These transformations are not only propelling the nation toward a more sustainable future but also creating compelling business opportunities.

According to a 2021 projection, Malaysia's electricity demand is set to surge from 18,808MW in 2020 to an anticipated 24,050MW by 2039. It prompts a significant question: what energy sources should the nation prioritise for its future energy landscape?

The answer lies in Malaysia’s embrace of the New Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR). The roadmap has redefined the national goal for renewable energy (RE) mix capacity, setting a bold target of 70% by 2050, up from the previous 40% in 2035.

Simultaneously, the inception of a cross-border renewable energy trade framework introduces a new avenue for business expansion. This transition is attracting the attention of multinational corporations, particularly those with a focus on RE. Malaysia is emerging as a promising destination for RE100 companies seeking a conducive environment to establish their operations. 

Businesses of all sizes and sectors have the opportunity to strategically align with the nation's vision of transitioning to a predominantly green energy landscape by partnering with established renewable energy (RE) companies like Sunview Group Berhad. 

This collaboration not only supports sustainable practices but also positions businesses at the forefront of positive change.

A strong testament to the various businesses embracing RE and to Sunview’s ability to deliver world-class implementations is Sunview's financial performance for the fiscal. In just the past 4 years, Sunview’s Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) has grown more than 90%, an indication of our rapid expansion. Plus, upon being listed in the ACE Market in 2022, our total book order achieved close to RM900 million, which is approximately USD 200 million. That is why we are now Malaysia’s fastest growing RE solution provider in the country.

According to HP Ong, the CEO and Executive Director of Sunview, we aim to be Malaysia’s go-to renewable energy and sustainable living partner to enterprises and households across the nation. This target is reflected in the services that Sunview offers which cover all types of market segment, from residential home, commercial and industrial to solar farms (LSS). 

It is unsurprising that our clientele comes from different industries such as manufacturers (steel, plastics, F&B, etc), retail & shopping malls, agriculture (farming, poultry, etc), and public buildings (educational institutions, hospitals, etc). 

Each of them has different business needs such as improving the duck curve (instability of power generation) and different maximum demand, rooftop quality, business expansion strategy, and goals of improving long term financial gains etc. 

With our experience we have the strength and ability to deliver quality engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) to cater to different unique needs beyond just solar rooftop (C&I customers). On top of this, we also deliver customised solutions to meet unique ground conditions for LSS. 

With a resolute commitment to growth and sustainability, Sunview's remarkable performance reflects our dedication to pioneering positive change, both in the industry and the broader economic landscape.

How Sunview’s business strategy plays an important role in meeting the government’s sustainability goal. 

In alignment with the government's sustainability agenda, Sunview's business strategy assumes a crucial role in not only supporting Malaysia's renewable energy (RE) objectives but also catalysing an entirely new ecosystem and diverse business prospects within this sector.

Our scope encompasses the entirety of the RE trajectory:

  1. Commencing with raw materials and manufacturing (Upstream)
  2. Advancing through a comprehensive project execution via EPCC (Midstream)
  3. And extending to the facilitation of asset management involving solar power systems and solar panel ownership. 

This all-encompassing approach solidifies our position as pioneers in sustainable energy solutions. We stand as a reliable provider and enabler of assets tailored to meet our clients' sustainability targets.

That’s why establishing a sustainable RE supply chain is a strategic imperative for Sunview. 

Here’s an overview:

  1. Upstream: We wield control over the supply chain right from raw materials, aluminium and its alloy.

Aluminium plays a vital role in the construction of solar panels and solar power systems. Unfortunately, the market for this steel is primarily dominated by China, and fluctuations in prices there can have ripple effects on countries that import these materials. 

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To counter these price fluctuations, ensure quality, and maintain the reliability of this critical raw material in our manufacturing and installation processes, we took a strategic step. On 27th April 2023, we acquired Winstar Aluminium Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (Sunview Annual Report 2023, pg. 134)

This acquisition not only bolsters our control over the supply chain but also guarantees the seamless advancement of projects. It empowers us to offer our customers competitive prices and reduced delivery times and increase project efficiency.

The pioneering move from Sunview has transformed Malaysia's RE industry by reducing our reliance on international suppliers. 

  1. Midstream: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC)

At the core of Sunview's strategy lies an unparalleled commitment to exert end-to-end control over every phase of solar installation, forging a seamless journey from inception to completion.

By meticulously overseeing every facet of the installation process, we identify and address potential challenges in real-time. This proactive stance ensures project execution remains fluid and minimises unforeseen setbacks that could hinder progress.

Sunview's strategic control over the installation process naturally extends to cost and design optimisation. By having a comprehensive grasp of each project's intricacies, we ensure that resources are utilised optimally, translating into enhanced cost-effectiveness and a streamlined design that meets the project's unique needs like reducing the duck curve, maximum demand, rooftop quality enhancement, and long-term financial gains.

Sunview's midstream capabilities extend far beyond conventional solar power installation. We also specialise in crafting innovative landscape solutions for Large Scale Solar (LSS) projects, delivering solutions that ensure low upkeep and address distinct ground conditions such as soft soil, undulating land profiles, and agri-photovoltaics. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal resource utilisation, cost-effectiveness, and a streamlined design that aligns perfectly with each project's specific needs.

Our strategic acquisition of Winstar Aluminium Manufacturing Sdn Bhd further bolsters our industry support by enhancing operational efficiency and reducing delivery lead times. With our expertise in EPCC, we cater to a wide range of unique requirements through our suite of solutions, including SunValue, SunVertax, SunVenture, and SunVast. 

These solutions are meticulously designed to meet various energy needs while adhering to the highest quality and sustainability standards. 

  • SunValue: for businesses who want to enjoy lower electricity tariff with no upfront costs.
  • Sunvertax: businesses can also opt to own their own solar energy system for more control and overall cost-savings on electricity bills.
  • SunVenture: allows businesses to generate their own electricity via a large-scale solar farm and sell to the grid.
  • SunVast: for homeowners who want to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes and maximise power savings.

With our midstream expertise, inventive solutions, and product diversity, Sunview is now firmly established as a frontrunner in the renewable energy sector. Find out more about these solutions here.

  1. Downstream (Asset ownership) 

Sunview's Solar Power Solutions

While the imminent advent of battery energy storage promises to expand the horizons of solar energy adoption across the nation, the best time to dive into this fresh new opportunity is now.

Sunview not only empowers companies to fulfil their sustainability goals but also generates ongoing revenue through solar tariffs, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. As a testament to our dedication, Sunview proudly owns 20 Solar PV Facilities spread across the nation, with a combined installed capacity of 8.12 MWp as of August 30, 2023.

In simpler terms, our commitment to sustainability runs deep, offering you the guidance required to navigate the intricate web of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Through our offerings, we shine a pathway for your company's sustainable success, fostering a harmonious synergy between corporate growth and environmental stewardship.

Partnership and future business opportunities

Our unwavering commitment to expanding our integrated value chain drives our pursuit of various renewable energy (RE) avenues, such as bioenergy, battery storage, and electric vehicles (EV). 

In a significant move, Sunview has entered into a strategic partnership with a technology partner to further delve into Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). This collaboration encompasses a wide spectrum of RE initiatives, including electric vehicle (EV)-related initiatives, microgrids, modernisation of telecommunications sites, and cutting-edge energy storage solutions. This non-exclusive partnership, spanning a duration of 12 months, exemplifies our dedication to fostering innovation and advancing the renewable energy landscape.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Sunview's approach, ensuring access to cutting-edge technologies for our clients. In this pursuit, Sunview Group Berhad's Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director, Charlie Chow, highlighted the company's strategic partnership with Huawei, arriving at a crucial moment in the global shift towards renewable energy.

“Currently, we are in the pilot phase of our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for selected high-demand business customers under tariff category E, E1 & E2. Once this pilot proves successful, our plan is to expand its availability to our SunVertax clients. This endeavour also presents an opportunity to venture into the Singaporean market by offering BESS as a comprehensive solution for stable electricity supply. Simultaneously, we are actively engaging in discussions with corporate entities and off-takers in Singapore, seeking to establish partnerships for a dependable electricity supply. This initiative is undertaken as we await the government's formulation of policies regarding renewable energy export,” says Charlie.

Sunview’s vision encompasses more than just solar energy; we are poised to explore a diversified portfolio of clean energy resources. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with the commitments outlined in Sunview's prospectus during its listing, underscoring the company's steadfast dedication to sustainable innovation and growth.

The downstream business holds paramount significance for Sunview, serving as the driving force behind the company's comprehensive approach to renewable energy. Sunview's downstream focus underscores its commitment to delivering seamless, sustainable solutions that resonate with businesses aiming to harness the benefits of renewable energy while making a substantial positive impact on both their bottom line and the environment.

What all of these mean for businesses who work with us:

Partnering with Sunview comes with a myriad of benefits that ripple across various aspects of business operations. The consolidation of processes under Sunview's expertise translates to significant cost savings. By streamlining manufacturing and raw material sourcing, businesses can enjoy stable energy prices, a welcome respite from market fluctuations. This collaboration extends beyond immediate gains, setting the stage for long-term investments. Reduced energy costs and the potential to sell excess energy back to the grid create additional revenue streams that bolster financial sustainability.

Sunview's influence goes beyond the financial realm, delving into compliance and incentives. Businesses can tap into government-backed programs, tax benefits, and renewable energy certificates linked to solar power usage. Sunview's seasoned guidance ensures a smooth navigation through these intricate landscapes, unlocking the full potential of these financial advantages.

The partnership also extends into the realm of maintenance. Sunview's commitment to advanced solar technology translates into systems that are not only reliable but require minimal upkeep. This directly translates into reduced operational and maintenance costs, a boon for businesses striving to optimise their expenses.

Beyond the bottom line, collaborating with Sunview echoes environmental consciousness. Companies aligning with Sunview can position themselves as pioneers in their industries. This commitment to eco-friendly practices resonates with a growing base of environmentally conscious consumers, offering a distinct competitive edge.

Besides, we do not simply offer solutions; we provide access to expertise. Sunview's team of experts, well-versed in solar technology and sustainable practices, guides businesses through every step of the renewable energy journey. From system design to navigating complex regulations, Sunview's insights and knowledge are invaluable assets.

In joining forces with Sunview, businesses become integral participants in Malaysia's journey towards sustainability. This alignment with Sunview's green initiatives not only bolsters a company's own sustainability goals but also contributes to the greater national drive for a greener future.

In the realm of sustainability, Sunview's influence shines brightly as a guiding force on Malaysia's transformative journey. Through our comprehensive approach, from renewable energy solutions to fostering a green philosophy, we continue to lead the charge towards a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious future.

Join Sunview and be part of Malaysia’s journey towards sustainable energy.

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