The Women of Renewable Energy Empower The Next Generation Interview

Discover how women in renewable energy (RE) are empowering the next generation

The solar energy industry is way ahead in gender representation than any other renewable energy sectors, as recorded in 2022 with 40% of the workforce being female – twice as much as in wind and conventional energy sources, according to the Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual Review 2023 by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). However, the female experience in the industry is “uneven” as women are mostly hired for administrative work (58%) and an even slimmer margin (13%) hold senior positions.

Nevertheless, women continue to emerge as formidable catalysts for change, seeding empowerment and progress for future generations, they are not merely confronting challenges — women are pioneering transformative shifts.

To honour and celebrate the impact of women in RE, we sat down with two of our employees to uncover how their everyday workplace contributions are fostering empowerment and driving meaningful change.

Sakinah, Sunview Assistant Technical Manager

Meet Sakinah, our Assistant Technical Manager, who believes in learning and thriving at every opportunity.

With a senior technical position in RE, she champions diversity and new ideas in her team, empowering them to strive for excellence and success.

What are one of the biggest challenges that women in the renewable energy industry face today?

Sakinah: During my six (6) years of being in the RE sector, I have seen women face significant challenges due to ingrained gender stereotypes and biases. However, the increased inclusion of women as project engineers last year brought positive changes. My team members showcased their expertise and introduced innovative solutions, enhancing our projects. For example, one of our female solar designers proposed an optimised layout for a large-scale solar (LSS) project which boosted energy production efficiency. Despite obstacles, such as earthwork challenges, our team achieved Commercial Operation Date on time. The inclusion of women has fostered a more collaborative environment, leading to enhanced project dynamics and creativity. This inclusive approach to the LSS project has proven to be successful.

How can men support a more equal workplace as well as help accelerate women in their careers?

Sakinah: Collaboration with men leaders is crucial in achieving a gender diverse workplace. At Sunview, we are dedicated to championing a team that is gender diverse, with women currently making up 33% of our growing technical team.

As Assistant Technical Manager, I work closely with our Acting Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to promote equal project opportunities, inclusive mentorship, gender diversity in leadership, recognition, and work-life balance. These initiatives create a fair, supportive environment, fostering a stronger team.

On a day-to-day basis, our technical team maintains a non-gender-biased work atmosphere with the below initiatives to actively address bias and make inclusion an everyday work norm.


  1. Ensure equal access to projects, growth and leadership roles.
  2. Provide inclusive skills-focused training programs.
  3. Inclusive hiring practices to attract a wider talent pool.
  4. Foster a culture of respect and challenging biases.
  5. Promote mentorship and sponsorship programs for women.

What initiatives are you working on that you are most excited about?

Sakinah: Currently, I drive career growth through STEM, emphasising continuous learning, mentorship, challenging projects, recognition and personalised development plans. As Assistant Technical Manager, I prioritise mentorship to initiate knowledge transfer, ensuring competitiveness and technological updates. For example, I mentored my team member to lead successful projects and skill development within the team. Mentorship fosters continuous learning, boosts retention, and enhances skills, benefiting both team members and my own career growth.

What is your advice to our female readers to advance in industries which are male dominated?

Sakinah: The best advice I have received to navigate the RE industry myself is that success is no accident, but the result of hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and genuine passion.  

As for women everywhere who are looking to succeed in RE/ industries that tend to be male dominated, my advice is to stay open to diverse guidance; it offers valuable insights. Value different viewpoints, refine skills and inspire others. Dedication and perseverance are key to success. Aim high, make an impact.

“Believe in yourself and embrace every opportunity to learn and grow!”
- Sakinah, Sunview's Assistant Technical Manager

Sakinah empowers her technical team to optimise every learning opportunity and practice open communication and collaboration to build a more inclusive workplace for all. We also interviewed Emily, Sunview's Project Support Manager, to get her perspective on the representation of women in RE today.

Emily Lim, Sunview Project Support Manager

Meet Emily Lim, a dynamic advocate for motivation and change within the RE sector.

As a team leader, she spearheads innovation and champions gender equality.

Does today’s RE industry has less or more female representation?

Emily: Women are increasingly growing in numbers within the energy sector, notably in the growing solar industry.

Over the years, we have seen a sharp increase of women in leadership roles, especially when it comes to local authority liaison. Indeed, the increase in women leaders underscore the industry's shift towards inclusivity and gender equality.

What benefits have you experienced when more women are involved with decision-making and overall strategy?

Emily: As a leader myself who has worked with many women in decision-making roles, teams gain clear advantages as the independence and quick decision-making from women leaders offer fresh problem-solving perspectives. Additionally, women in leadership roles have cultivated a collaborative work environment, enhancing teamwork and engagement.

So overall, when teams embrace inclusivity and diverse perspectives, it fosters gender equality, improves communication and minimises conflicts.

What have been your biggest successes since Sunview was established?

Emily: Since Sunview's inception, our success has been fuelled by teamwork and open communication in the Project Support Team (PST). With management guidance, cross-departmental support and the creation of a clear communication channel, I have effectively led the team who experienced communication and transparency challenges to become a vibrant team with a strong bond.  

Where do you see the future RE sector that would make you feel you have helped pave the way in terms of gender equality?

Emily: I envision a future in the energy sector where solar projects, like the groundbreaking Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP) by Energy Commission (ST), surge forward, opening more abundant opportunities for women. From site safety officers to project coordinators, women will play pivotal roles, shaping the RE landscape. With initiatives like CGPP flourish post-MCO, we are not just increasing the renewable energy mix in Malaysia but focused on becoming the sustainable living partner for individuals and businesses that levels the gender equality playing field within the renewable energy industry.

How will you advice our female readers who aspire to advance their careers in the renewable energy industry?

Emily: Stay driven and passionate about your journey in the renewable energy industry. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and success. For aspiring women, seek mentorship and actively network to gain insights and confidence from experienced professionals. Your passion and motivation will fuel your ongoing success and growth.

“Keep being passionate and motivated about what you are doing now!”
- Emily Lim, Sunview's Project Support Manager

By embracing diverse guidance, valuing different perspectives and open communication, women can overcome challenges, paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered energy future. Together this International Women's Day, we can empower women everywhere especially in urban areas by providing access to modern energy.

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